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Olivet University Collaborates in the Romans Project

Olivet University is helping the Romans Project by providing video lectures for the project participants. 

The Romans Project was begun four years ago by John Corey, a retired missionary in Africa, and Downtown Bible Class in Oregon. The goal of the project is to equip English-speaking pastors in developing countries primarily in Africa and Asia with sound Biblical teachings and encourage them to preach expositional sermons based on in-depth study of the text. An MP3 player with nearly 500 hours worth of Bible teachings will be sent to each participant who completes the requirements.  Already 9000 pastors in seven African countries have completed the reading of the book of Romans 20 times and copied the entire nook in their own hand and have received the MP3 player.

The audio message begins with 109 messages of Romans, but now the teachings include other books including the Gospel of John, 1 & 2 Timothy, Genesis, and much more.   It is a portable library useful to pastors wherever they are and has been especially helpful to pastors in remote areas with no other resources. 

At the beginning of Spring 2013, Dr. Richard Calenberg, the overseas director of the Romans Project and a New Testament professor at Olivet University, and Rev. Scott Gilchrist, the Senior Pastor of Southwest Bible Church, recorded three sessions from the course, New Testament II: Acts and Pauline Epistles, at Olivet University’s campus in San Francisco. 

"I am glad that the school is helping pastors in countries who are in desperate need of good Bible studies," said Jonathan Park, the program director of Olivet Theological College & Seminary (OTCS). 

Their recorded video lectures on Romans, 1 Timothy, and 2 Timothy will be used for the project participants in Philippines and other Asian countries.  Olivet students have been encouraged to enroll in the Romans Project and many are now reading Romans repeatedly in the hope of receiving this valuable resource.

The video lectures will be also available at the school's YouTube channel soon.

More information on the Romans Project could be found on its blog

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