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Asian Library Initiative Launched

Aspiring to support Asia-related Christian studies and make Olivet into a leading center of these studies internationally, the University has announced the launch of the Asian Library Initiative, beginning in mid-June.

"We believe that the institution that will result from this initiative will strengthen the whole University, and promote Asia-related Christian study at and beyond Olivet," commented Academic Director Tracy McNeal.

A statement released by the University President's office explained that Asia is arguably the most significant realm in which to focus Olivet University's efforts to extend internationally. "Consider that one province in China holds 100 million people," read the statement. "The leaders of this University would be shortsighted if we failed to create opportunities for Christian scholars and students to study, teach, and conduct research in ways connected with regions in Asia."

The Asian Library Initiative is slated to proceed in consultation with officials across the University, and established partners in Asia – notably Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Indonesia. Major emphasis will be placed on e-resources, with the intention of making collections available online for use by students and scholars at Olivet and around the world.

"We envision this initiative as an indirect, but significant way to broaden Olivet's presence in Asia," McNeal said. "We also see it as a springboard for exploring partnerships in Asia that promote the University's mission."

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