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Asian Library Initiative Launched

Aspiring to support Asia-related Christian studies and make Olivet into a leading center of these studies internationally, the University has announced the launch of the Asian Library Initiative, beginning in mid-June.

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IT, R&D Meet E-Library

An academic library is not an end in itself: it supports the mission of the institution. Olivet library and information technology personnel have partnered to ensure that the school's library will develop

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A New Season for Library Development at Olivet University

It's May, and Olivet University is buzzing about library development. Key administrators believe Olivet's working plan for augmenting and distributing the library's current resources across academic programs and language groups heralds a season of change.

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Olivet Expands Media Library Resources

Recent developments in the Art & Design Library and Journalism Library at Olivet are stirring excitement within the University's faculty, staff and student communities. These libraries are cooperating to secure the addition of new titles to match the lineup of course offerings in the Olivet College of Art & Design (OCAD) and the Olivet College...

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Asian Library launched by large shipment of Korean-language books

On Oct. 22, a shipment of approximately 10,000 Korean-language books arrived at Olivet University. The shipment, which departed from Korea on July 30 and arrived at the Port of San Francisco, was made possible with help from Olivet University ministry partners.

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Olivet Develops Library Resources for Upcoming School Year

Dedicated to equip tomorrow's pastors and ministers with greater knowledge to confront the challenges of the church today, Olivet University will place its effort in compiling greater resources for students and faculties. For the coming fall semester, the top priorities include pastoral resources and training materials.

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OU Central Library Construction in Full Scale

Today, August 14, thirty cubicles were finally disassembled and removed from the 1,400 sq. ft. space of OU building, where the central library will be established. These cubicles will be replaced by around 44 bookshelves which are scheduled to arrive on the 30th of this month.

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New volumes added to William Carey Library

Five thousand books were added to the William Carey Library last week as a new shipment of books in a recent load came in from Los Angeles. Books were chosen by Olivet faculty and are expected to enhance mainly the theology section of the library.

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Olivet University E-Library renamed William Carey Library

On Friday, Nov. 12 Olivet University's E-library was dedicated as the William Carey Library in honor of the legendary English Protestant missionary William Carey, known as "the father of modern missions."

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